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I love connecting with your community through RETREATS, EVENTS & CIRCLES. Please contact me if you’d like to add my workshops to your events or host me in your home.

All workshops begin with a drop in meditation and/or gentle movement and grounding before creating together.


4hrs - $200 pp

Next workshop - TBA

Malas are a sacred mindfulness tool to connect you to your intention in meditation and bring you home to your true nature. This ritual gives you an opportunity to cite intention in every knot. Read more about the Magic of Mala beads on my blog. 

Private Mala making workshop $350, $650 for 2 people and $900 for 3 people.


2.5hrs - $80 pp

Next Workshop - TBA

Join Milla as she teaches you the meditative and rewarding art of crystal wrapping. Milla uses crystals on a daily basis and is passionate about teaching people how to listen to, connect with and embrace the healing potential of crystals. This process allows you to get intimate with your new friend, create and be with the gifts that your crystal is sharing with you.

You can also purchase the Crystal Wrapping Online Course to learn how to create your own amulet at home.

Private crystal wrapping workshop $120 pp up to 3 people


3hrs- $120 pp

Next Workshop - TBA

Create your own necklace (that doubles as a triple wrap bracelet) with a range of crystal beads of different shapes & sizes, weaving a unique vibration of crystalline energies with your intention.

Private adornment making $200 pp up to 3 people


3hrs- $120 pp

This is a beautiful workshop to do with a group of loved ones. You will walk away with your own adornment that has been co-created by all of the people in the group.

Private adornment making $200 pp up to 3 people

*To inquire about private workshops with me, please reach out. Travel fess applied to private locations.

Work With Me - Private Experiences

1:1 sessions

Custom Amulet Experience 

45 minute session | $50 

In this experience we spend 30 minutes together tapping (with EFT) into your intention for your amulet and what it is that is blocking you from embodying this. We then spend 15 mins co-designing your amulet from this place. 

*Custom Amulet cost will vary based on design, crystals chosen etc. A rough quote will be told to you on the day and pictures will be send during Milla’s creative process with a final quote send after creation. Custom amulet cost is seperate to cost of session. 

Essence Experience

1hr session $111 (first session includes your very own palm stone valued at $40 complementary)

This session includes a combination of crystal healing, energy work and EFT to support you to regulate, unravel and access your true nature.

You can read more about the magic of EFT here.

The Essence Immersion

Half Day | 4.5 hrs $444

Mini | 3hrs $333

The Essence Experience is a combination of all of the tools, practices and techniques that have brought me home to my true nature time & time again.

In the experience we will work with a concoction of EFT (Emotional freedom technique), energy healing, crystal healing, guided meditation and relaxation and movement all guided by what it is you need to unravel into your essence. We will then co-create your very own amulet, adornment or mala beads infused with the magic of your experience and any truths that landed for you throughout.

Other crystals that you connect with can be purchased at an additional cost. 

CONTACT ME to book your session or experience 🤎

Did you know you can also book private workshops with me to make your own adornment 
or Mala beads? See the ‘workshops’ drop down menu to learn more.

Custom & FREE meditations

Join me on Insight Timer, the #1 meditation app for sleep, anxiety and stress to access a growing library of guided transmissions to support you in a multitude of ways.

Subscribe and have free access to Yoga Nidras, nature based mediations, walking meditations, self soothing practices and much more.

Custom Meditations

$20 each or 3 for $50

Want a meditation that has been channelled just for you? or for a loved one?

Send me a message with your intention for the meditation (what you would like it to support you with), and I will record it and send it to you within the week.

This meditation could be a guided visualisation to support manifestation, yoga nidra to support sleep, breathing techniques for relaxation, self soothing techniques to support regulation or a combination of all of the above and more..

You will have unlimited access to your mediation.


Intuitive, one of a kind creations.

Find your Amulet

Custom Creations

Like my style, but don’t see something that’s an energetic match yet? Let’s co-create something special together...

Or book an Essence Immersion with me ...

Connect with me

A Love Note...

"My Chrysalis Immersion seemed to open me, following many days of feeling stuck and closed. I was able to come into contact with deep feelings that needed releasing, almost witnessing them move through my body as Milla worked on me. Milla facilitated a soft space supported by nature for me to have complete permission to set these feelings and stories free.

Creating my necklace with Milla felt like an entire journey of letting go, not unlike my healing session. Watching the necklace morph and change throughout our creation process was so incredible, whilst my body reacted to the different stones being put in front of me. 

The end result around my neck feels soft, yet strong; subtle, yet powerful; nurturing and grounding. Thank you, Milla, for your authentic magic that flows both through your hands, and heart x"

~ Candice

  • One of a Kind

    "I was instantly drawn to Milla and her creations. Since then I have welcomed several of her one of a kind pieces into my life. Milla is a gentle and beautiful soul, each one of her pieces is unique, beautiful and crafted to last."

  • Forever Customer

    "Milla's knowledge of crystals is outstanding and the quality of her jewellery is second to none. I am definitely a forever customer."

  • Soulful

    "The Mala making workshop was such a beautiful experience. Milla has a soul with depth, compassion and wisdom which goes well beyond her years. She is the perfect facilitator for such a soulful event."

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