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The Chrysalis Effect

Crystal Companion Course

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Cultivating community around crystal care, curiosity, and connection.
This is a self-paced course to support you explore practical ways to integrate the healing power of crystals into your everyday life and learn about these gifts of the earth. 
Milla has been working with crystals for over eight years, allowing them to be touchstones of her intention and true nature.
They have supported her immensely in managing life experiences, particularly anxiety.
In each lesson you will:
-explore the healing properties of each crystal & benefits of its unique vibration and structure
- be guided through a practice with your new crystal companion with downloadable audio files
-explore ways to integrate your crystal into your life
-& more 
In the course you will receive:
-The physical CCC workbook with information, journal prompts and tools
- 4x audio practices you can revisit at any time
- 3 x crystals of different structure - point (Clear Quartz) rough (Selenite) and palmstone (ranging types)
Your crystals will be picked for you intuitively. (contact me if you have any specific crystal desires)