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The Chrysalis Effect

Crystal Wrapping Online Course | Macrame

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Beginner Friendly 

This is a self-paced course that you can do anywhere, any time, as many times as you like!

Click here for the Crystal Wrapping Material Pack (includes everything you need to create 2 x unique pieces of macrame jewellery)

I've been running crystal wrapping workshops for over 7 years and I'm so excited to share the magic far and wide with this online course.

This practice supports you to anchor into your essence and align with your true nature. You will learn how to create a touchstone for your intentions from the earths gifts. 

This is not just a craft practice but a journey of self inquiry and understanding.

This online course includes 3 digital downloads that you can access straight away (Video, Ebook & Meditation) and your Crystal Wrapping Material Pack will be posted to you. 

This online course includes:

  • The Crystal Wrapping E-book with step by step instructions for how to create your own necklace, hints and tips (PDF).
  • Crystal companion Meditation (audio) to connect with your new friend and set your intention before you get started.
  • Step by step Video with detailed visual instructions.
  • A discount code for Platypus Macrame's cord for your future creations!

Don't to forget to add your  Crystal Wrapping Material Pack to cart so you have everything you need to get started!