Meet the Creatress

Hi, I'm Milla

I’m an intuitive jeweller, movement & meditation facilitator and healer. 

You’ll most likely find me making jewellery by the river or in the forest hugging trees and patting moss. Nature is my medicine, and all of my art is inspired by the forces of nature, the cycles of life. I’m a highly sensitive  person and my business is created in efforts to honour myself and live in a way the respects my nature and gifts of sensitivity. I am devoted to living in love and honour the pulse of life moving through me.  


"The Chrysalis Effect is a transitional state that flows throughout all of life. It’s the pulse of our true nature and the essence of our existence."



A prayer… 

May my art be a touchstone for the truth within that is so easily forgotten

May my art be a reminder of your true nature, your essence, your innate magic

May my art be a pledge for all of us to honour the Earth and to have compassion for one another as humans - wild, imperfect and enough

May my art be a reminder of the cycles of life and death within and without

May my art remind you that you are not seperate from the Earth;

and that all you are is a miracle

May my art allow you to flourish in your potential that exists in this moment and support you in the transitions of self 

May my art offer a rite of passage, a returning, a homecoming. 



. . .