The Magic of Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Honouring My Cyclic Nature

Cyclic living has completely transformed the way I live and has been such a profound practice for honouring myself and all seasons of me. As I've learned to flow with the natural cycles within I have allowed life to move with me as if I am being breathed by the breath of the universe itself. This practice of being aware of my cycle and practicing menstrual cycle supporting practices has been a key to awaken my innate nature and anchor me into the flow of life and who I am. 
I was lead to MCA (menstrual cycle awareness) after being on contraceptives and my body (and being) rejecting them. By this time I had heard enough about synthetic hormones to know I wanted out. It was pretty rocky after that.. with my skin purging all of the acne I had surpressed for the last 6 years, period pain doing similar and the mood swings... oh the mood swings. 
I have spent the last 5 years riding the waves and listening to what my cycle was trying to tell me the whole time… all the things my body was trying to communicate to me. Working with so many beautiful professionals and modalities to bring my being back into balance. 


This journey of learning how to navigate my natural cycles in a society that doesn’t honour the changing nature of women and the Earth can be tricky, although the growing awareness around the cyclic nature of women is where I found my solace. They spoke about the magic of resting in Winter, of the tenderness of Spring, the pleasure of Summer and the gold of Autumn and the Inner critic… about the innate spiritual practice that is moving me, about finding my 'wild power'… I was so allured by these words and the remembering it conjured within me. 
I had been tracking my cycle for a couple of years but it wasn’t until I committed to my first ‘big bleed’ in July 2021, that I fell headfirst into the magic of the menstrual cycle and my sacred blood… and in doing so found a whole new love for myself and the long-lost treasure of feminine mysteries.
My menstrual cycle has become to my North star and my anchor. The way I navigate the journey of my life lead by my own internal compass. 
It is difficult to put words to how massive this practice has been for me and the homecoming I have and continue to experience from its teachings… the trust and understanding of myself and of life itself has offered me endless gifts… the intricacies of natures seasons and the unfurling exactly what is meant to be here, of who I am.
The menstrual cycle gives me an opportunity to consciously die every month, and be re-born. 


‘may I die again so I can come out pure
like a pig in manure
relishing in it’s alchemisability 
its potentiality 
its scent 
im spent 
may I die again so I can come out sparkling 
with tears of awe
a heart awakened 
I free myself from what I have been shapen 
May I be my own shape, colour and lustre
May I be the alchemist of the poo
What do I need to do 
To die again and come through ‘
-Milla Reid 
 If my journey resonates with you, it all began with Red Tent which I am now s o blessed to co-facilitate with @shanalukenaturaltherapies
Below are just a few amazing resources that have supported me along the way:
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