The Magic of Connecting to Place

The Magic of Connecting to Place

Connecting to place. Learning the language of the land and communicating with her like I would a friend. Every time I go into nature I aim to be in communication and relationship with her. To listen to the whispers of the Earth and of the elements. I spend time getting to know her, and in doing so, I get to know myself and learn about other relationships in my life.
I am so grateful to create upon land of Wiradjuri peoples. 


The curves of her mountains and the green of her leaves
The winding rivers and russling trees
The rough dry soil in the moist mud
The kookaburras sing, the baby magpies cry
The blue of the sky the same as my Eye
The waters ripples in the sun‘s rays
The way that everything is just a phase
The way that everything will and always
The curiosity of a crow and a branch the same is my elbow
My breeze kissed skin and a big breaths to come within
The transformative beauty of sunset skies as the sun says its goodbyes
The twinkling stars in the depths of the dark 
my heart


~ Milla Reid



Creating Earth Altars is a way I connect to place, the elements and my intention for spending time in nature. It's a practice that helps me come home to myself. 



The @earth.altering online course reawakened my connection to creating art with nature. For 25% off this course, use my code 'THECHRYSALISEFFECT'.


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