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The Chrysalis Effect

Pulse Of Presence | Mala Beads

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This Mala was created with the intention of being held by the ever existing present moment.

The intention landed for me when I was in nature with this sense of the abundance that existed in presence, and I felt anchored in the knowing that in that moment and in every other I have everything I need. 

This Mala was a joy to create and is weaved with the frequencies of Clear Quartz, Tourmaline, a range of different jaspers, Prehnite, Green Garnet, Amazonia and many more crystal friends x 


Each Mala is intuitively hand made. The intention is explored through the creative process and each bead is specially chosen to support the energy being channeled. A Mala is a tool used in mediation and in life, to bring you home to what's true within. 

Read more about Mala's in my blog post ‘The magic of Mala beads’  here.