The Magic of Mala Beads

The Magic of Mala Beads

I was drawn to Mala beads because they combined many of my favourite things; crystals, craft, meditation and affirmation. This wonderful concoction creates magic with the power of 108. The use of this sacred tool in ritual assists us to honour the truth of our intention.
After creating my first set of Mala beads I was amazed at the sense of ease I felt after repeating my mantra 108 times and at the comfort wearing the beads. The process of creating my own Mala beads was a way to learn about the depths of my intention and infuse the unfurling of that into every knot. 
Mala beads have become a creative expression of the seasons of my life and the intentions that serve those phases as an anchor into myself. 


What is a Mala?
    Mala, in Sanskrit, means “garland.”

    Malas are used in Japa meditation to repeat an intention, Sankalpa, or Mantra.

    A Mala is a sacred spiritual tool. This magical string of beads holds your highest intention and, once activated, remembers your intention for you, supports you, and heals you. Every time you use your Mala you are infusing your energy into it, which expands your vibration and magnifies your intention.  


    The Anatomy of a Mala

    Guru bead – representing the Guru, or teacher, within and all around.

    Tassel - helps channel the energy across the body and connects you and your intention to the universe. It also signifies letting go to a higher power.

    108 beads- or the divisions of 108, such as 18, 27, 36, or 54.

    Meanings of the sacred number 108
    Representing the 1 (we are all one), 0 (we are also nothing at all - emptiness), and 8 (good luck number, infinity).


    54 letters in Sanskrit, each with a masculine and feminine energy, for 2 x 54 =108

    12 houses and 9 planets in Vedic astrology (12x9=108)

    The distances of the moon and sun to earth are about 108 times the diameter of each

    108 Nadis (energy channels) converging from the heart, and 108 Marmas in the body.

    … and many more.


    How to use your Mala Beads 

    1.     Hold the mala in your left (receiving) hand and take a moment to sit comfortably, grounding down through sit bones and growing the spine up like a sunflower.

    2.     Connect and give gratitude for your Mala. Settling into your intention for the practice and really allowing yourself to feel the essence of your intention in your being. Surrender to the unfolding of the practice. 

    3.     Hold your Mala between your middle finger and thumb with the guru bead and tassel on the inside of your hand (towards you).

    4.     Use your middle finger and your thumb to repeat mantra meditation pulling the Mala beads one by one towards you, pulling the energy of the practice and your intention towards you as you repeat your mantra. You can either repeat your mantra internally or out loud.

    5.     When you get to the end of your Mala meditation if you would like to continue you flip the Mala around without crossing the Guru bead. If you have finished your meditation you could bring the Mala to your third eye and bow to the Guru that is within you and all around. Keep your Mala in a sacred place or wear it proudly.


    Stay tuned for Mala Making Workshops coming soon.


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