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The Chrysalis Effect

The Fruitful Darkness | Mala Beads

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This Mala was created with the intention of honouring the fertile darkness & the gifts of winter.

The fossilised coral guru bead reminds us of the coral that is alive in the depths of the ocean and just like all fossils, its beauty preserved in the darkness of the earth.

This Mala was created with crystal energies of:

Labradorite, crocodile skin Jasper, fossilised coral, green garnet, moss agate, rainforest Jasper, red garnet, bronzite, silver leaf Jasper, iolite, Indian agate, bloodstone & astrophyllite.


Each Mala is intuitively hand made. The intention is weaved and birthed through the creative process and each bead is specially chosen to support the energy being channeled. A Mala is a tool used in mediation and in life, to bring you home to what's true within. 

Read more about Mala's in my blog post ‘The magic of Mala beads’  here.