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The Chrysalis Effect

The Calm

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This Mala was created with the intention of ‘gentle’ and the gifts that being gentle with yourself, your tasks and the people you love can bring. 
but when I asked for ideas of what the Mala would be names on my Instagram, someone said ‘the calm’ and I felt it resonated with the creation and complimented the intention of ‘gentle’. 

The Calm; that ever present place… the soft hum of life itself. By being gentle with ourselves, we can learn to meet this place & remember our true nature.


The Calm is created with; Rainbow Moonstone, Aqua Terra Jasper, Aquamarine, Fossilised Coral, Amazonite, Cherry Blossom Jasper & a Green Amethyst Guru bead. This Mala has larger spacer beads every 12 beads. 


Each Mala is intuitively hand made. In ritual, the intention is infused into every knot and each bead is specially chosen to support the energy being channeled. A Mala is a tool used in mediation and in life, to bring you home to what's true within. 

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  All of my creations are hand made with love. Contact me if you have any questions. 🤎