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The Chrysalis Effect

Soft souled

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I didn’t know what this Mala’s intention was until I started creating it, and it poured out beautiful soft tones and whispered to me ‘soft souled’, but in the strongest voice. 

As I created I explored what it meant to be soft souled… the resistances and attachments I had to it being undesirable and the strength that it takes to remain open, receptive and soft to life. 

Being ‘soft’ or ‘sensitive’ or (insert any word you have been called that implies that being of a gentle nature is weak) can be tricky to navigate living in an over-stimulated world.  

This Mala is a prayer to remain open, soft and gentle in this wild life, and in doing so access a strength that is innate in Nature.

-created with beads of morganite, rainbow moonstone, aquamarine and a guru of clear quartz. 

Each Mala is intuitively hand made. In ritual, the intention is infused into every knot and each bead is specially chosen to support the energy being channeled. A Mala is a tool used in mediation and in life, to bring you home to what's true within. 

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  All of my creations are hand made with love. Contact me if you have any questions. 🤎