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The Chrysalis Effect

CURIOSITY | Mala Beads

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Allow these Morganite Mala Beads to support you to explore CURIOSITY.

Morganite activates, cleanses and stimulates the Heart Chakra, encouraging compassion and love. Morganite feels like crystal candy to me, inviting me to remember the sweetness of life and that maybe I don’t need to be so serious…Morganite allows you to act and create from love and releases control, inviting curiosity and play. It is a storytelling stone, encouraging speaking and listening from the heart.

Hand made with waxed polyester cord, handmade cotton tassels and Morganite beads.

Full Mala beads approx 80cm long with 108 beads, guru beads and tassel, can be worn around neck or wrist.

Mala bracelet approx 20cm long, can be adjusted smaller by sliding loop up beads.

You can read more about the magic of Mala Beads & how to practice with them  here 🫶🏽