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The Chrysalis Effect

Crystal Wrapping Material Pack

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This is the companion pack for my  Crystal Wrapping Online Course. It has everything you need to create 2 x unique pieces of macrame jewellery!

Planning to create with friends? Add multiple packs to your order for parties, circles and intentional gatherings!

Each pack includes:

  • 2 x lengths of string (1 wax and 1 silk)
  • 2 x crystals 
  • a few recycled beads picked at random for decoration

Please use the list below to add your preferred string and crystal colours in the order notes:


brown  •  black   • blue   • green   • turquoise • purple   • pink   • grey   • terracotta   • caramel   • maroon   • sand 


gold   •  white   • black   •  brown   • purple   • blue   • maroon


white   • clear   • brown   • red   blue   • green   • yellow   • orange   • pink   • purple   • black   silver

If you are working with a particular intention/energy at the moment please feel free to include this in the order notes to help guide me in selecting your crystals, alternatively leave it blank and I will intuitively pick for you.

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