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The Chrysalis Effect

Calm Mind, Clear Thoughts | Magnesite Mala Beads

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I’ve been hanging out with this Magnesite Mala  double wrap bracelet/choker (meaning you can meditate with it, wear it as a bracelet or choker) for a while now… I haven’t been drawn to Magnesite before & the lessons in simplicity it has taught me have been incredible. I love that I’m able to wear it as a bracelet or a choker, it’s so versatile and can fit into a pocket easily. 

The night I sat down to make this creation I was overthinking it, ‘should I add more colours?’ ‘It isn’t enough to just be by itself is it?’ And simply and steadily, it just kept calling me back whispering ‘it’s enough, I’m enough & so are you.’ 

This is the energy that this creation has offered me; a sense of steadiness, simplicity, supportive, pure, soft yet powerful, gentle yet purposeful, intelligent and humble & soothing energy. 

Magnesite in its raw form can literally look like a brain, and it has supported me immensely to heal my cognitive function and balance my mind.

One day we used it to alleviate back pain in my friends lower back, she said she could feel it draining the blocks with ease. I’ve also used it on painful points in my body to support it to come back to harmony, especially headaches. 

I love this creation so much and want to honour the teachings of this crystal essence by re-creating this Mala for whoever feels called to be supported and reminded of these energies. 

It is perfect to use as a worry bracelet or to meditate with if you have some spare time in transit. I also use it to support me in connecting more to my surrounding when in nature by repeating my mantra with my eyes open (or simply breathing in and out with each bead) to integrate the magic of presence with a clear mind. Being a bracelet it’s easily to discretely meditate/fiddle with if your feeling anxious or unsettled. 

This Mala can be worn as a double wrap bracelet or a choker (although may be to tight for some as a choker). It has 36 Magnesite beads (which is a division of 108, therefor it can be used for Mantra meditation, you can read more about the magic of Mala Beads and why these numbers are so special here) and is 35 cm long.