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The Chrysalis Effect

Choker | Blood Adornment

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My intention for this collection is to honour the magic of our bleed and connect to this through ritual. By wearing the Blood Adornment as you bleed, it acts as a touchstone to remember the sacredness of your cyclic Nature and all that you are. 


Phase - Menstrual

Element - Water/Earth

Moon Phase - Dark moon

Archetype - Crone

Crystal - Garnet

Essence: Yin, release, surrender, slow, introspective, cocoon, oneness, wisdom.  

The Magic of Garnet

Garnet reminds us of the magic of the Menstrual Cycle and our life-giving blood. It is protective, bringing a sense of safety to the primal self, allowing us to feel held in our Winter Cocoon. It inspires love of self and of the cycles of life. A stone of devotion, inviting us to commit to our true Nature and allowing us access to our deepest desires. It amplifies the effects of other crystals, reminding us that how we tend to our bleed effects the rest of the month. Garnet can stimulate expanded awareness, supporting the visionary state that is often accessed in Menstruation. Garnet helps sharpen perceptions, dissolving behaviours that are no longer serving and resistance to surrendering. This gift of the Earth cleanses all Chakras and purities energy, alleviates emotional disharmony and brings a grounded trust into being.


This adornment is hand made with imperfect ‘nugget’ shaped beads. This means there will be slight variations in each individual creation, making your adornment unique to you just like your menstrual cycle. 

The standard length of this piece is approximately 38cm long & is adjustable to lengths smaller than that by sliding the loop up the beads. If you would like a custom length please just pop your measurements in the order notes. This adornment can also be worn as a double wrap bracelet. 


This adornment is hand made to order and will be shipped within 2 weeks of your order date. 

All of my creations are hand made with intention and love, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🤎