Custom Made


 Like my style but don't see something that's an energetic match? 

Let's co-create something special together.

Your custom adornment will be a touchstone, reminder and anchor into your intention and your True Self. By choosing to co-create a frequency with your new friend, you are wearing the manifestation of your deepest desires. This alters your energy, conjuring the truths from within and calling in all that is yours. 



May this amulet remind you of the magic that you are and the power you behold.

 May this adornment remind you of the magic that you are the the home that is always within.

May this gift from the earth bring you home to your true nature. 



This practice has been so anchoring for me in transitions in my life, allowing me to remember my intention for the present phase and bring me back to what is important.



I can’t wait to co-create something magical with you. Here are some options to bring your vision to life:


Make Your Own

View my workshops page to learn how to create your own piece.


Make With Me

In a one-on-one session. Contact me to book.


Intuitively Made For You

Have an intention but happy to leave the details to me? Send me a message with your intention and I'll do the rest!


Custom Made 

Contact me and together we will select:

- Your crystal
- Your string
- Style of jewellery
- Beads & embellishments
- Your intention for the piece


Struggling with an intention? Download my free Intention Uncovering Meditation.


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