The Magic of Womb Adornments


What is a Womb Adornment?


By adorning our wombs may we re-wild ourselves, remembering the nature of the Divine Feminine, our wisdom. May we honour our wombs and tend to the needs of the feminine that yearn to dance, sing, make love and create under the moon and the stars. May we remember that the womb is where life began. May we breathe and invite fear to breathe with us, too. May this womb adornment be a rites of passage and a gateway home to yourself. May it ignite our sexual essence and sensuality and remind us that our body is a temple. May it be a guide to bring us home into our wombs and the earth…


The energy of adorning oneself help us bring attention to that part of the body and the mysticism and magic it holds. Through intention and ritual, these womb adornments hold unique frequencies to hold close to your womb space, your sacred creative centre. This adornment is a tool bringing us home to the knowing  that we are the co-creators of our lives, igniting our power from this sacred space. 


The womb adornment is a constant reminder of our connection to the Earth, our first mother, and of our true nature. 


Just like adornments that you put on other parts of your body, this is a touchstone for your unique intentions for wearing it. You can download the Intention Setting and Crystal Companion Meditation here


The History of Womb Adornments 


Womb adornments, womb belts or waist beads were worn by Egyptian Goddesses as a status symbol and were known as ‘girdles’.
Waist beads have been worn for centuries in many West African cultures, originating from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. They were worn to represent femininity, sexuality, sensuality, healing, protection, and womanhood. They were gifted in rites of passage into womanhood.


Waist beads are worn to invoke body positivity and to bring awareness to your belly throughout the day… is it relaxed, what does it feel like after you eat? At different stages of your cycle? It’s a tool to bring awareness to the way your body shifts throughout your life.


All of my womb adornments are made adjustable to move with you throughout your cycle and throughout life. Supporting body positivity in all of it's shapes and forms and helping us reclaim our relaxed bellies. This adornment is here to support you and your womb in all its seasons, like a big belly hug.



Womb adornments have come to my attention through channels of communication from sisters desiring them in there lives. This is an honour and such a privilege to make sacred pieces of art & I honour and respect the origins of that which they came from. I have been exploring the magic of wearing a womb adornment myself to integrate the ritual of such a special practice. It has been so amazing for anchoring me into my womb, brining my awareness down into my body and remembering that I deserve to be adorned. In my nature I deserve to be adorned, just like all women do. There is something really special about wearing jewellery around my waist… it feels so sensual and is an anchor into the divine feminine. 
Custom womb adornments coming soon in collaboration with @shanaluke


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