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The Chrysalis Effect

Crystal Companion Kit

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The intention of this kit is to empower you to work with your crystal friends practically to support you in many different ways. 

By inviting your crystals into your meditations by gridding them around you while you sit or holding them in your hands, by placing them on your body as you rest and gift yourself a crystal healing, by balancing them on your head! Whatever you feel you intuitively need to do and how YOU need to be with your crystal kit in any given moment. I’m hoping that this kit will empower you to self heal working with these crystals as anchors into the truths that already exist within you.

These kits come with a FREE ‘drop in’ audio meditation to invite you into the sacred space you are creating with your crystal companions and offers some guidance on ways to connect & practice with them. Make sure you add this to your cart when purchasing your kit! 

These kits are intuitively chosen by me based on the intentions and energies you are working with, once you order your kit (small, medium or large) you can write your intentions in the notes section of the order. 

These kits are created with rough, points, tumbles & palmstones and are intuitively chosen by me based on your order notes. If you have specific crystals you would like in your kit add them to your order notes but I can’t promise I will have them x 

Small kit 5+ crystals 

Medium kit 7+ crystals 

Large 10+ crystals 

You will receive at least the number of crystals listed in the set amounts if not more if needed to complete the energetic signature of your kit.

All kits come with a write out of the crystals that chose you ✨