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The Chrysalis Effect

Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz

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Each of my creations and the crystals I have created with are completely unique & therefor have an individual energetic signature. I encourage you to be open to the gifts that this friend can offer you specifically, knowing that one of the first signs of an energetic match is physical attraction. I love to think about how this crystal, has made its way from the Earth through the hands of whoever it needed to, to make its way to you. 
The words I offer on the energetic support of the crystal are general. This is why i've created the 
crystal companion meditation, so you can explore the intention and energetic frequency of your new found relationship and use it as a touchstone for your intention.



 Representing the Divine Feminine, Moonstone assists you to connect to the lunar cycle therefore supporting you in the changing cycles of life.

This stone allows you to absorb what is needed from the universe, therefore allowing one to express authentically and create from a place of Divine connection.

A feeling stone helping you to understand intuition, emotion and your deepest desires.


This necklace is adjustable.

All of my adornments are hand made with love. Contact me if you have any questions  about the creations. 🤎