Clear Quartz & Aquamarine | Necklace

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A stone of courage, reducing stress and harmonising surroundings. Aquamarine had an affinity with sensitive people and invokes tolerance. It can break old habits and calms the mind from overwhelm. It is useful for closure and clears blocked communication. Soothes fears, supports in meditation and sharpens intuition.

Double Terminated Clear Quartz 

Energy moves outwards in either direction of the points of this magical Quartz formation. Excellent for meditation and for the intention of connecting to above and below. Supportive with patience and perseverance. 

The most incredible amplifier of energy, Clear Quartz works at vibrational levels attuned to your specific energetic needs and is amazing to program and hold your intentions. Raises energy to the highest possible level and is great for concentration and clarity. Known as the ‘master healer’.

This necklace is adjustable.

All of my adornments are hand made with love. Contact me if you have any questions  about the creations. 🤎