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The Chrysalis Effect

Divine fem 333

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I had been pondering the value of these beauties and 333 kept popping into my awareness, as I sat down in nature to create an Earth altar to honour the Divine feminine pulse I have been experiencing this week, I looked at the time and it was 3.33. 

The number 333 represents divinely creative flow, not worrying about where the flow is taking you & trusting.
As I walked today I heard the words ‘ there is no path that stays, only seeds planted along the way’ 

These adornments are being sold in a trio to honour this energy, purchase them to wear all together or to gift to two other goddesses in your life 🤎


These clear quartz adornments were created in the rekindling of some slowing down sensuality this week and this energy is reflected in their imperfection and natural nature. I was super drawn to the clarity of clear quartz this week, and the energy of quartz reminding me that I have the choice to co-create my life. 

 The most incredible amplifier of energy, Clear Quartz works at vibrational levels attuned to your specific energetic needs and is amazing to program and hold your intentions. Raises energy to the highest possible level and is great for concentration and clarity. Known as the ‘master healer’.


Representing the Divine Feminine, Rainbow Moonstone assists you to connect to the lunar cycle therefore supporting you in the changing cycles of life.

This stone allows you to absorb what is needed from the universe, therefore allowing one to express authentically and create from a place of Divine connection.

A feeling stone helping you to understand intuition, emotion and your deepest desires.


All of my adornments are handmade with love, contact me if you have any questions 🤎