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Clear Quartz and Larimar | Necklace

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Clear Quartz

The most incredible amplifier of energy, Clear Quartz works at vibrational levels attuned to your specific energetic needs and is amazing to program and hold your intentions. Raises energy to the highest possible level and is great for concentration and clarity. Known as the ‘master healer’.



Stimulates evolution of the Earth and human consciousness. It is a peaceful and loving stone, soothing self imposed blockages. It is empowering, alleviating guilt and fear. Is supports in creativity and encourages going with the flow. Connects you with your inner child and to the Earth Goddess. It helps women connect for their innate femininity and their True Nature.


This necklace is adjustable.

All of my adornments are hand made with love. Contact me if you have any questions  about the creations. 🤎