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The Chrysalis Effect

Blood Ritual set

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We are collaborating with Embodybee to share with you the Blood Ritual Set. This includes a blood Choker adornment and a blood ritual candle. (Valued at $121) 

This is a limited time offer.

The intention of this set is to honour the magic of our bleed and connect to this through ritual. By wearing blood adornments as we bleed, it acts as a touchstone to remember the sacredness of our cyclic Nature.
Fire is so powerful, and in ritual with this beautiful  beeswax candle, it ignites our inner power and is perfect to warm us as we bleed with the waters of the womb.
Both of the candle and the adornment remind us of the interconnectedness of all Life.

Blood Ritual Candle 

When a womb holder chooses to reclaim the holy nature of their menstruation, they heal not only for themselves, but for their ancestors, our collective, and future generations. Beeswax is vibrating with the story of the sun, her flowers, and the wisdom of the bees. This sacred feminine bee medicine will assist us to birth a new vision for the earth. This candle was created with love, the idea born from my menstruation. My intention is for the flame to serve an energetic reminder of the creative power of the WOMB for healing, connection and empowerment. 

This sacred candle is 13cm tall and 5cm 
Pure beeswax, beetroot and a cotton wick. 
She burns for over 30hours 

Blood Choker 


Phase - Menstrual

Element - Water/Earth

Moon Phase - Dark moon

Archetype - Crone

Crystal - Garnet

Essence: Yin, release, surrender, slow,

introspective, cocoon, oneness, wisdom.



The Magic of Garnet

Garnet reminds us of the magic of the Menstrual Cycle and our life-giving blood. It is protective, bringing a sense of safety to the primal self, allowing us to feel held in our Winter Cocoon. It inspires love of self and of the cycles of life. A stone of devotion, inviting us to commit to our true Nature and allowing us access to our deepest desires

It amplities the effects of other crystals, reminding us that how we tend to our bleed effects the rest of the month.

Garnet can stimulate expanded awareness, supporting the visionary state that is often accessed in Menstruation.

Garnet helps sharpen perceptions, dissolving behaviours that are no longer serving and resistance to surrendering.

This gift of the Earth cleanses all Chakras and purities energy, alleviates emotional disharmony and brings a grounded trust into being.

The Blood Choker is approx 38cm long, if you would like yours to be a different size just pop your desired length in the order notes.