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The Chrysalis Effect

Limited Edition | Bleed Bear & Honeyed Wombxn

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This is a special offer in collaboration with Embodybee to celebrate the release of the Bleed bears. It includes a Bleed Bear Heat Pack with Crystal Pouch (garnet included) and The Honeyed Wombxen Embodybee honey, valued at $137.  

The Honeyed Wombxn
Raw Honey,
Organic Maca,
Organic Goji Berry,
Australian grown red date,
Organic Dong Gui,
Peony Root,
Organic Schisandra Berry,
Organic Liquorice Root. 

For more info on this product see; Embodybee. 


With every Bleed Bear purchase you will automatically receive 10% off all Blood adornments. You can also use the special pouch on the Bleed bear to hold your Blood adornment.

Bleed Bears

This creation has come to fruition with the help of my very talented sister Amy. We created the Bleed Bear to be your companion throughout your bleed. To nurture your womb and anchor you into your essence.   Allow your Bleed Bear to support you in your period cave, coming into the hibernation of inner winter.

Your bleed bear has a special pouch (womb) designed to hold a garnet stone; a representation of the sacred nature of your blood.

All of the Bleed Bears are 100% handmade, with handpicked natural materials from op shops and hand-threaded embroidery. 

  • 100% repurposed natural fabric
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Filled with Australian grown lupin (retains heat better and longer than wheat, is moisture resistant, lightweight and has a low odour.)
Please note:

Each Bleed Bear is unique and colours/fabrics will vary depending on sourced materials at the time you place your order. All of the colours we use are menstrual related colours; reds, terracotta, pink, natural shades of purple etc. If you have a preference for the colour of your Bleed Bear, please pop it in the order notes and we will try to accomodate.   



Together, the Bleed Bear and garnet work to nurture your womb and anchor you into your essence.

Holding garnet close to your womb as you bleed can support with menstrual related discomfort physically, energetically and emotionally. The pocket (womb) of the Bleed Bear holds the garnet and any blood adornments you may have.

Garnet reminds us of the magic of the Menstrual Cycle and our life-giving blood. It is protective, bringing a sense of safety to the primal self, allowing us to feel held in our Winter Cocoon. It inspires love of self and of the cycles of life. A stone of devotion, inviting us to commit to our true Nature and allowing us access to our deepest desires. It amplifies the effects of other crystals, reminding us that how we tend to our bleed effects the rest of the month. Garnet can stimulate expanded awareness, supporting the visionary state that is often accessed in Menstruation. Garnet helps sharpen perceptions, dissolving behaviours that are no longer serving and resistance to surrendering. This gift of the Earth cleanses all Chakras and purities energy, alleviates emotional disharmony and brings a grounded trust into being. 

Bleed Bear Safety Guide

~ Overheating and/or incorrect use can cause injury or fire.
- Overheating can present as burning smell, charring or smoking of bag and/or contents.
~ If overheating occurs, place on non-combustible surface (e.g. kitchen sink) and let cool completely before disposing of.
~ Do not use under or on bedding as they can catch fire.
~ Do not leave unattended in microwave.
~ Not recommended to add oils or fragrances due to increased risk of fire.
~ Do not heat bleed bear with crystal inside.
~ Please note that some people who are allergic to peanuts may react to lupin.

Bleed Bear Care & Use Instructions

Heating - microwave only
~ Place flat and evenly in centre of microwave plate.
- Heat on high for 1 minute and then at 30 second intervals until warm but not hot.
~ Turn and shake bleed bear every minute for even heat distribution.
~ Do not heat for longer than 3 minutes in total.
~ Remove from microwave and handle with care as bleed bear may be hot to touch.
~ Use with caution directly on skin, particularly delicate skin (children and elderly).
~ Allow to cool to appropriate temperature before use.
~ Allow to cool completely before reheating.
~ Place on non-combustible surface to cool (e.g. kitchen sink).

Cooling -freezer
~ Place bleed bear in sealed plastic bag and place in freezer for minimum 45 minutes.
~ Allow to cool completely before storing in a cool and dry place.
~ Bleed bear must be moisture free before storing to prolong life.
~ Replace annually or if damaged.
~ Spot clean with cloth.
~ Do not immerse or wash in water.