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The Chrysalis Effect


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This collaborative limited edition collection with @Lunare_creations is  an ode to the magnificent native flora that we love so dearly. It combines crystal & wood beads intuitively chosen to portray the energy & colours of the plant with handcrafted recycled sterling silver flora pendants.


Banksia Serrata

There's over 170 different species of Banksia native to Australia, mostly found along Western and Eastern coasts of Australia. In many species, the seeds don't disperse until the plant has been burnt or entirely dried out!

Pendant is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver and sustainable practices, and zero casting involved by Lauren from @Lunare_creations 

~2×1cm × 0.8mm Plate


Banksia adornment details and care 

Approx 40 cm, can be shortened to 28 cm by sliding the loop up the beads. Mixed crystal and wood beads have been chosen up the length of the adornment to offer an overall ‘vibe’, although if you would like some insight into the specific crystals and materials you can contact me

Adornment can be worn in all weather and elements, although wearing in water lots can cause necklace to wear quicker. Avoid oils/products on creation & clean silver with toothpaste/bi-carb. 

*This is a one-off creation 🤎