The Chrysalis Effect

3 | clarity w/ community

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I have been leaning on lots of support lately. On community, nature etc. 
These little quartz clusters are a beautiful reflection of little points working together to create a frequency. We are all seperate, yet so intrinsically connected. The human experience can be so hard and so confusing sometimes… and I’m so grateful for the beings, places and practices in my life that remind me I’m not alone, that this too shall pass and that it is a choice to receive love. 
And in this process I remember that I am not leaning on support, I’m simple leaning into it. 
Clear quartz is the most incredible amplifier of energy, working at a vibrational level, it attunes to your specific energetic needs and is amazing to program and hold your intentions. Raises energy to the highest possible level and is great for concentration and claryity. Known as the ‘master healer’.
All of my adornments are hand made with love. Contact me if you have any questions about the creations. 🤎