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The magic of non-attachment. 

Crystals have taught me countless lessons, one of which being the art of non-attachment.


Ive been meaning to write something about this for a number of years, but as I sit here post running away from the snorting sound of a very large kangaroo and losing the crystal I’ve been connecting with somewhere along the way, I’m reminded of this lesson.

Non-attachment is something that I’ve struggled with, being an anxious attached- perfectionist, its something that I really have to be aware of.

When I was walking the other day, I was noticing my thoughts and witnessed the attachment to an outcome, and the compression and restriction that created in my body. As I witnessed this experience within me and noticed the same sensation in other areas of my life, I chose in that moment to simply release all attachment to what I thought I wanted the outcome to be, and as I did, I felt so easeful, trusting and compassionate towards myself and the journey I’m on. This letting go allowed my energy to be receptive to the ease that was available in that moment. If only it could be that easy all the time hey? But it was the support I had around me, the natural landscape I was in, that allowed my mind to have the freedom of choice in that moment. Which is what crystals do… little gifts of the Earth that remind us of our intention, of our deeper truth. 

Ive lost many a crystal, sometimes I still try my luck looking for them when Im in the area. Every time I lose one, like today, I am reminded that nothing is permanent and that attachment creates suffering. It’s heartbreaking losing something that you feel so connected to, but when I remember that I can call on the support of that crystal at any time, and that I’ve probably lost it for a reason, even if the reason is to learn once again to detach, I’m grateful. Maybe I’ve lost it to let some other sort of energy enter my field? Maybe I’ve lost it because it wanted to go back to the earth? Maybe someone else is meant to find it? When I get curious about why it feels lighter, and I’m once again reminded of the perspectives in which I choose, create my reality and how I experience it.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to connect and the opportunity to lose. Thats the scary thing, isn’t it?  The fear of connecting so deeply to something, someone, somewhere, and and all the while knowing of its/their impermanence.

Crystals are teaching me to love.

Crystals are teaching me to trust.

Crystals are teaching me of the polarities of life and of the truth of death and cycles of re-birth.

Every time I connect with a crystal, I know that it will not last, either I will learn what I need too, or ill drop it out in the bush. 

Every time I connect with a crystal I connect to love, and I am reminded that that love is within and all around me. Every time I lose a crystal, I am reminded that love is within, and all around me. 

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