The Magic of Caring for your Crystals

A Cleansing Guide

Crystals can absorb other energies easily & are working on your team to support you energetically. Showing them some love and appreciation by cleansing them when you intuitively feel as though they need it is important. 
The most important thing about cleansing is intention, so you can do it anywhere, anytime! As long as you’re being present with your pal. I encourage you to ask/feel into how your crystal wants to be cleansed. Just like us, what they need can change from moment to moment.



Some tools you can utilise to cleanse your crystal are;


~ Selenite ~
placing your crystal atop of a selenite crystal at night time


~ Smudging ~
cleansing with Palo Santo, sage, eucalyptus leaves… being mindful of where the plant is sourced and it’s energetic signature


~ Sun ~
being mindful that some crystals can lose their colour/lustre being left in the sunlight


~ Moonlight ~
being mindful of the energies of the moon at the time, if it feels good to leave your crystal out overnight to soak in the lunar energy, go for it! Your crystal will let you know if it wants to or not


~ Earth ~
laying your crystal on the earth to ground any energies that no longer serve it, maybe even burying it for a little while if it needs a time out


~ Water ~
being mindful that their are many crystals that will erode/lose their lustre if submerged in water (like kyanite, selenite, labradorite, lapis, fluorite, black tourmaline, apophyllite, lepidolite, opal and many more…) Allow your crystal to be cleansed by the soothing water. I often wear my jewellery in water for short periods of time but I am mindful of the effects it may have on some of my crystals and my jewellery. If you wear your jewellery in water it may wear quicker. 


~ Air ~
Sending breath with intention to your crystal until it feels lighter. Allowing the wind to cleans your crystal. 



~ Divinity ~
Ask the divine universe (source, greater power etc) to cleanse your crystal of anything that does not serve. 


Cleansing is a creative process and is completely unique to you and your crystal friend… spend time with them, get to know them and know how they like to be cared for. 
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